ICC Scrimmage 2017

On February 19th, the Daredevils attended the ICC scrimmage in Grand Rapids.

2017 Kickoff

On January 7th, the team received their challenge and prepared for a new Build Season!

Joining the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce

We are proud to announce that we have joined the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce!

Thanks to all for a great Gitchi Gummi Get Together!

Congrats to Teams 3102, 1816. and 8009 for their victory!

The members of BlueDevil Press had the opportunity to meet and interview Don Bossi (President of FIRST) at the 2016 Double DECCer Regional.


Buffalo Wild Wings Fundraiser – Monday February 27th!

The team fundraiser is on Monday at Buffalo Wild Wings! Join us on February 27 for food, fun, and trivia.  The team will be there after 5:30 pm.  Thanks for supporting our team!


2017 ICC Scrimmage Day – February 19, 2017

Today the Daredevils have made their way to Grand Rapids, MN, to participate in Scrimmage Day at Itasca Community College (ICC). Sixteen teams have gathered to support and help one another as well as test their robots on a makeshift field. The field elements, made courtesy of ICC, help give the teams a feel for what the real competition will be like. The Daredevils arrived at 9:00 am to load in and get working on their robot named Aeolus – after the God of Wind.  The morning was spent fine tuning and testing features of Aeolus and after lunch the robots hit the field in their first matches. After seeing all that these robots can do, the Daredevils are really excited for their first regional of the season, the Northern Lights Regional at the Double DECCer event in Duluth, MN on March 2nd – 4th.

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Chamber Ceremony, Open House, and Robot Reveal!

Our Open House on February 15th was an astounding success! Thanks to everyone who came out to see our work this season. We couldn’t succeed without the dedicated community we have.
Thanks to the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce, for holding an official ribbon-cutting ceremony! We are honored to be part of the Chamber, and are excited for the opportunities it will present.
The Open House started with the team meeting our community in the East High School library for a brief social, followed by a presentation of a gift for our coach Mr. Tim Velner, in recognition of his recent retirement from teaching. We also showed a brief video documenting our team history over our first ten years. Greg Collins, the founder of Team 2512, made a special visit and spoke about his own experiences with the team, and how we have grown.  After this, everyone moved to the Mezzanine for the reveal of our 2017 robot, including a brief technical description and demonstration.
We have less than one week left until we need to stop building, and our Fabrication team is still going strong. Props to them, and thanks again to everyone who came out to see us!

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Daredevils Ribbon Cutting and Open House 2017 on February 15, 2017

On Wednesday, February 15, 2017  we will be celebrating our new membership with the Duluth Area Chamber of Commerce. A ribbon cutting with Chamber Ambassadors will take place at the school.

Starting at 6:00 PM in the Duluth East Media Center, we will be holding our annual Open House and celebrating our 10th Anniversary as a FIRST robotics team.  The team’s Strategy Department will be giving a presentation on this year’s game STEAMWORKS! The Daredevils will also unveil the new robot between 7 and 8 pm and demonstrate how it was built in just six weeks!  Everyone is welcome to share some refreshments and learn more about the Daredevils and FIRST robotics.  Please join us!

Support Beyond Compare

The team would like to give a special shout-out to Lily Bruno. Lily is a student at Lester Park Elementary, and she has been following the team for roughly five years. She was introduced to the team by previous mentor Elise Kutti and fell in love with robotics. From making bracelets to attending camps and events or giving us treats, Lily has shown constant support. As of late, she along with her sister Cora, and their friends Maddie and Norah Hall have been bringing in snacks for the team. Every time they bring in treats, they also tour our build room and check on the progress of our robot.

We’re honored to have such a dedicated young fan!


Pictured (left to right): Amanda Bruno, Norah Hall, Nathan Bruno, Cora Bruno, Lily Bruno, Maddie Hall (behind Lily), Ryan Cauchon