St. Louis, MO 2013 FIRST World Championship

The team poses in front of the FIRST logo at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis, MO.

Fantastic Fans!

A kindergarten class sports their new Daredevil fan shirts during the school day. Lots of our outreach involves the younger generation. Are you in the Duluth area and would like to see if the Daredevils can come to your school? Contact us using the tab above!

BlueDevil Press

Members of the BlueDevil Press hold wraps advertising the Double DECCer Regional that went around the Duluth News Tribune. Read more about this under the Media tab and BlueDevil Press.

Double DECCer Announcement

Just be sure to mention that you’re a FIRST Robotics Team upon making your reservations!

Minnesota Senator Al Franken Visits Archer Racing

This past Martin Luther King day, we were honored with a visit from Senator Al Franken at one of our sponsor locations, Archer Racing. We got to show him our team as well as our robots, new and old.


Double DECCer Housing

As teams make their competition and travel plans for the 2015 Double DECCer Regionals (aka. the Northern Lights and Lake Superior Regionals), we ask that you support our team and our newest sponsor, ZMC Hotels, by considering staying at one of their local establishments. These include the Edgewater Hotel and Water Park, the Days Inn, or the Inn on Lake Superior.

Just be sure to mention that you’re a FIRST Robotics Team upon making your reservations.

2015 FRC Game Announced!


Kickoff is over and the new game has been announced! This year’s game is called “Recycle Rush”, in which robots must carry and stack plastic crates called “totes”, and optionally cap those stacks with large recycling canisters for more points. The change portion of the game involves making padded robot bumpers optional, after having been a required element for about seven years.

The field itself contains four ramps, or scoring platforms, and is divided into three zones on each side; the “Landfill” Zone in the center, moving outwards to the Auto and Standard Zones. The Landfill Zone contains a plethora of totes, both upright and upside-down. Green pool noodles, entered onto the field by human-players, play the part of “litter”, and litter points vary based on each ones position on the field; either placed inside the canisters, or in the Landfill Zone. In the very middle of the field is a divider called the “step”, which contains a small platform where robots from opposite alliances –and therefore opposite sides of the field– can achieve “Coopertition” points by working together to stack totes.

The Daredevils have been planning all day to come up with our design for the next six weeks, however we will continue to post on our social media. As always, no robot photos will be available until after Bag and Tag (just to be safe). We can’t wait to see the designs and strategies at upcoming competitions!

Kickoff at UMD Saturday

On Saturday, January 3, in BOH 90 at the University of Minnesota Duluth, FIRST Robotics teams will receive the 2015 game. After receiving this challenge the Daredevils and all area participating teams will have six weeks to build this year’s robot for competition. We will post the game animation link after the Kickoff for our fans.

Bentleyville at the Symphony

For the Bentleyville at the Symphony holiday concert on Friday, December 5, three of our own team members suited up as holiday mascots. They included two of Santa’s famous reindeer, Blitzen and Cupid,  and a penguin from Bentleyville. Along with the penguin came numerous light displays provided by Bentleyville, which is open until December 27.

Thus began an hour of high-fives, hugs, and photos with children and adults. Even the DSSO’s very own conductor, Dirk Meyer got a chance to snap a photo. Despite the clunky costumes, the event was a blast, and seeing the kids faces made it all worthwhile. All sorts of Christmas music was played, including Tchaikovsky’s “The Nutcracker”, among other holiday favorites.

Pre-Season Preparations

This past weekend the Daredevils gave seminars to northeastern Minnesota teams at  Itasca Community College (ICC). This is our fourth year  assisting this pre-season program. These workshops vary each year but maintain the purpose to teach teams different strategies to help build their team or even just different strategies for the upcoming season. The workshops include everything from the business side of teams, like working with sponsors and outreach, to a hands-on seminar about pneumatics.

After spending the morning presenting, our team members had the opportunity to wander for the second half of the day and attend seminars by ICC engineering students. Opportunities for events like this are valuable resources for new and old teams. We would like to thank ICC and their Engineering Department for providing our team, and others, with this resource.

ICC (2) ICC (1)