2015 Kickoff

The team poses in the snowy parking lot outside the building of their newest sponsor, the Edgewater Hotel & Waterpark.

Fantastic Fans!

A kindergarten class sports their new Daredevil fan shirts during the school day. Lots of our outreach involves the younger generation. Are you in the Duluth area and would like to see if the Daredevils can come to your school? Contact us using the tab above!

BlueDevil Press

Members of the BlueDevil Press hold wraps advertising the Double DECCer Regional that went around the Duluth News Tribune. Read more about this under the Media tab and BlueDevil Press.

2015 Game Recycle Rush

This year’s game is called “Recycle Rush”, in which robots must carry and stack plastic crates called “totes”, and optionally cap those stacks with large cylindrical recycling canisters, or green pool noodles as litter, for more points.

Minnesota Senator Al Franken Visits Archer Racing

This past Martin Luther King day, we were honored with a visit from Senator Al Franken at one of our sponsor locations, Archer Racing. We got to show him our team as well as our robots, new and old.


Double DECCer Kicks Off

Beginning on February 26, the Northern Lights and Lake Superior Regionals attracted 123 teams to the Duluth Entertainment and Convention Center (DECC). The first day of competition involved qualifying matches in which teams competed with and against each other in an effort to raise their average score as high as possible. The regional was early in the season, week one in fact, so most teams had little experience with official matches and on-field obstacles. “It was a learning experience”, said Duluth East Daredevils’ Programmer Troy Martin. “All the teams learned how to cooperate with other robots, and the value of the Coopertition points to both sides”. While most teams had a decent idea of their strategies at the beginning of the regional, many plans changed throughout the day after experiencing more of the game and its challenges. The excitement made for a memorable first day at the Double DECCer Regionals.

2015 Northern Lights Regional and Webcast

See us in action! Click on the button below for the live broadcast of the 2015 Northern Lights Regional Competition, match schedules, team rankings, and competition times. Match results will not be provided this year due to the nature of the game. “Scores” on this page will now consist of point value, followed by whether our team rank went up or down. Check out today’s team blog further down on the page.

Keep in mind that the match schedule is often behind or early. If you are looking for a specific match, look for the current match number on the live broadcast and compare it to your desired match’s number.

If you are looking for the Lake Superior Regional, we have provided a link for that below as well.

Live BroadcastMatch Schedules

Team Rankings





Lake Superior Regional Competition






Team 2512′s Friday Matches:

  •  9:54 a.m. #8 (Blue Alliance) 47 rank up
  •  11:23 a.m. #20 (Blue Alliance) 34 rank up
  • 1:05 p.m. #26 (Red Alliance) 96 rank up
  •  1:47 p.m. #32 (Red Alliance) 50 rank down
  • 3:11 p.m. #44 (Blue Alliance) 70 rank up
  • 4:21 p.m. #54 (Blue Alliance) 51 rank down

Saturday Matches:

  • 9:21 a.m. #67 (Red Alliance) 50 rank down
  • 10:45 a.m. #79 (Red Alliance) 106 rank up
  • 11:41 a.m. #87 (Blue Alliance) 98 rank up

 Elimination Matches:

  • Quarterfinal 1: 86 rank up
  • Quarterfinal 2: 102 rank up
  • Semifinal 1: 126 rank up
  • Semifinal 2: 108 rank up
  • Final Match 1: 127 rank down
  • Final Match 2: 109 rank down

The Duluth East Daredevils made the Elimination Rounds as the 8th seed and were picked by Gator Robotics, Team 5172 from Greenbush/Middle River, MN. Together we selected our third alliance partner, Nicolet FEAR, Team 4786 of Glendale,WI. We made it all the way into the Final Matches ending in second place. Congratulations to all teams involved!

Double DECCer Coverage

BlueDevil Press is a collaboration between the Duluth East Daredevils and Blue Twilight. It will be the official media source for all news related to the Lake Superior and Northern Lights Regionals. Look for articles in the Duluth News Tribune, read online, and follow us on Facebook, and Twitter.

Introducing… Acervus!

On February 12, we introduced our new robot to the public and the world. Ace, or it’s full name, Acervus, which comes from “to stack” in Latin, is our 2015 competitor for Recycle Rush. Everyone gathered in the Duluth East High School library/media center to hear about the game description for this year involving stacking totes and large circular recycle bins. After refreshments and anticipation, everyone crowded downstairs into the main atrium of East High School for the moment of truth. Archie, our 2011 robot, in new tradition was waiting on hand to lift the red and white cover. As the cover was lifted our drivers demonstrated a few test rounds to show what Ace can do. After the big reveal, spectators were able to ask questions and see the robot up close. Ace will be in attendance at the Northern Lights Regional in the Duluth Entertainment Convention Center this February 27-28. See you at the competition!

Recycle Rush in Action

We departed from Duluth Sunday morning and made our way to Itasca Community College (ICC) which hosted the sixth annual FIRST Robotics Scrimmage. As the morning progressed, 17 other teams arrived for a day of fine-tuning, strategic planning, and helping other teams. When we arrived, we were greeted by the many teams working on their robots and getting ready to practice. The sound of working tools, setup, and falling totes filled the ICC gymnasium –along with the occasional noodle thawp.

The day really got started when teams began randomly entering and exiting the field, anxious to practice their techniques and get a better understanding of this year’s game. The field was quickly filled with robots stacking totes, recycling containers, and even the occasional pool noodle would get into the action.

After lunch, the teams started the real practice matches to get the feel of how the game will run at actual competition events with short times and strict rules. In this time, the teams tried their hardest to score points by stacking totes and collecting “litter”. The Daredevils took as many chances out on the field as we could in order to perfect or improve the techniques that we created for competition. We worked as hard as possible to learn to work together with the other teams on the alliance. Being compatible with the other teams on an alliance is very important because the hard work that each team does is necessary if you want to sore points and have a good game. Even in doubt, there were always team members cheering on the ones who needed it the most. After the day’s activities, the teams were awarded prizes for their hard work and cooperation. The Daredevils were awarded the Gracious Professionalism Award for being helpful to other teams.

After awards, the teams remaining were able to continue to practice informally for another hour. The Daredevils and all teams involved are very grateful for Kim Damiani and ICC for hosting, and continuing to host, this event. There was even more action this year with more robots on the field for a greater period of time.

It’s on to the Double DECCer Regionals, February 27 and 28, for the Northern Lights Regional!

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