Spaghetti Fundraiser

The Spaghetti Fundraiser was a blast, and we are happy to have an opportunity to demonstrate and educate children about FIRST and robotics. We are grateful to be part of such a wonderful community.

2016 Kickoff

The Team poses in the snowy parking lot outside the building of our sponsor, the Edgewater Hotel & Waterpark.

The members of BlueDevil Press had the opportunity to meet and interview Don Bossi (President of FIRST) at the 2016 Double DECCer Regional.


Lego Robotics Camp Comes to a Close!

The last LEGO Robotics camp of the year came to a close! We had a terrific time helping the kids build and program their robots. They’ve all come a long way from the beginning of camp, and we’re proud of all of them. Thanks to all the campers for such a wonderful camp!

2016 Rhubarb Festival

What a beautiful day for a summer festival! The Daredevils made a big splash at the 2016 Rhubarb Festival. Across from the rhubarb-lemonade stand, kids, parents, and grandparents all gravitated towards the robots on display. Kids had a blast driving the robots as well as interacting with them! They caught “boulders” from our 2016 competition robot Albion, or stacked totes with our 2015 competition robot Acervus, as well as learned about all of the different mechanics and functions and even posed with our robots. At one point, we even showed our Duluth PD our robots! We had so much fun interacting with everyone at the festival, and definitely can’t wait for next year!

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2016 June Lego Camp

Our campers delighted in showing off their robots to their parents, as well as the makeshift race between different “dragster bots”. Throughout the week campers were given guidance from the Duluth East Daredevils on how to build and program their LEGO EV3 robot to meet different challenges provided for them.

The Daredevils had a fantastic time working with the kids, and the kids felt the same. Highlights of the camp included catching their t-shirts from Ctrl-Y (our t-shirt cannon robot) and getting a personal tour of our build room, where the FRC robots of the Daredevils are fabricated.

If your child is interested in the First Robotics Lego Camp, we have one more the week of June 10! Please email us at or fill out an application!

Thank you so much to the parents and children who made this camp possible!

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(To campers’ parents: if you want photos of your child from this event, please contact us at with your name and your child’s name, and we’ll send them out to you!)

Lego Camp Day One

Today was our first LEGO Camp of the summer! We’re excited to be working with kids who are so interested in robotics, and expand the knowledge of science and technology in our community!

The kids construct and program a robot from a LEGO EV3 kit, with assistance from Daredevil team members, in order to complete a task. We’re excited to see what they build!




Home Run at the Huskies Game!

Gray skies gave way to a wonderful day at the Wade Stadium on Friday, June 10. Throughout the Duluth Huskies’ game, children were having fun in the sun along with our robots Albion and Ctrl-Y. Between catching balls from the robots to driving them, kids were enthralled by the student-built machines. Thanks again to the Duluth Huskies for hosting a robotics night!