2015 Kickoff

The Team poses in the snowy parking lot outside the building of our newest sponsor, the Edgewater Hotel & Waterpark.

Fantastic Fans!

A kindergarten class sports their new Daredevil fan shirts during the school day. Lots of our outreach involves the younger generation. Are you in the Duluth area and would like to see if the Daredevils can come to your school? Contact us using the tab above!

BlueDevil Press

Members of the BlueDevil Press hold wraps advertising the Double DECCer Regional that went around the Duluth News Tribune. Read more about this under the Media tab and BlueDevil Press.

2015 FIRST World Championship

The Team poses with Acervus, our now Championship robot! The Daredevils made it all the way to one of the two Einstein fields for the first time ever, and placed second. This marks the end of our best Competition Season yet, but more of 2015 is yet to come; stay tuned for the FIRST MSHSL State Championship.

Minnesota Senator Al Franken Visits Archer Racing

This past Martin Luther King day, we were honored with a visit from Senator Al Franken at one of our sponsor locations, Archer Racing. We got to show him our team as well as our robots, new and old.


Minne Mania Wrap-Up

The Duluth East Daredevils Robotics team traveled to Prior Lake, Minnesota on November 21, 2015, to compete at an off season event hosted by King Tec Team 2169. The day started at 4 am for the team
, and a long 3 hour bus ride down to the cities. At about 8, the team reached Prior Lake High School and competed in the first match of the day. The Daredevils earned 20 points per match with a successful autonomous period and then added additional points by stacking storage totes and garbage cans.  The team members, mentors and fans showed their spirit by cheering as loud as possible.

Thirty- four teams from Minnesota and North Dakota participated in the Saturday event. By the end of the day, the Daredevils were placed fifth, and were chosen first by the first ranked King Tec Team 2169, and were joined by the Cybears, Team 4859, from Byron Minnesota. This alliance placed first at the off season competition against three other alliances in the final matches. The Daredevils won the Gracious Professionalism award and as a first place team.

The Minne Mini was created as a way for teams to play their old robots one last time as well as get ready for the upcoming season and to prepare the new members for the start of the new season. In that respect, the regional was a success for all teams that competed there.IMG_9106

Gitchi Gummi Comes to a Close

The second annual Gitchi Gummi Get Together concluded today with the Daredevils in second place after the qualifiers, and third place overall, along with Green Machine, Team 1816 of Edina, MN and Superior Roboworks, Team 857 of Houghton, MI.

First place went to the first seeded team; F.R.E.D, Team 2883 of Warroad, MN; KnightKrawler, Team 2052 of New Brighton, MN; and King TeC, Team 2169 of Prior Lake, MN. Second place went to the third seeded team; DNA, Team 4009 of Duluth, MN; The Fighting Calculators, Team 2175 of Woodbury, MN; and Tech-No-Tigers Team 3102 of Nevis, MN.

Altogether it was a fantastic competition, and we’d like to thank all of the teams and volunteers for coming together for this event. We also look forward to continuing to improve the competition into the future and hope to see you next year!

2015 Rule Changes

The 2015 Gitchi Gummi Get Together will be played similarly to regular Recycle Rush, but with a few rule changes.


  • There will be a simple safety inspection just to prevent any unsafe robots on the field.
  • The maximum weight limit will be increased to 125 lbs.
  • Alliances will be three against zero due to event size and to avoid teams having back-to-back matches.
  • Drive teams must switch according to the match schedule. Teams need to identify primary, and secondary drive teams. If teams do not have enough people to make two separate drive teams,  they must have their team members switch to different positions within the available drive team. The secondary drive team is not limited to the same four individuals for each match; any four team members may fulfill the positions on the secondary drive team.
  • Yellow totes can be stacked during all matches.
  • Noodles can be thrown throughout the entire match.
  • If a tote falls on the opposing side during co-op, no foul will be given if it was not intentional.

Alliance Selections

  • Three alliances of three teams each will be formed. 
  • The three alliance captains will be the top seeded teams after the qualifications rounds.
  • Alliance captains cannot pick another alliance captain.
  • Alliance Selection will start with the first alliance and work its way up to the third seed alliance. Then work back down to the first seed.
  • All final rounds will use the drive team of each team’s choice.
  • Each team will compete against the other once. The two teams with the highest qualification score will move on to the finals which will be determined by traditional wins and losses.

2015 Indiana Robotics Invitational

2512’s Match Schedule:

  • #8 (Red Alliance) 236-230, rank up
  • #14 (Blue Alliance) 134-132, rank down
  • #26 (Blue Alliance) 70-240, rank down
  • #38 (Blue Alliance) 166-186, rank up
  • #51 (Red Alliance) 146-262, rank down
  • #67 (Red Alliance) 245-272, rank up
  • #73 (Blue Alliance) 92-121, rank down
  • #88 (Blue Alliance) 294-140, rank up
  • #100 (Red Alliance) 170-152, rank down

Facing tough competition during our first appearance at the Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI), we ended the Qualification Matches seeded 60th but were not picked during the alliance selections. Even though the competition proved to be as challenging as we expected and then some, there were chances to interact with many friends, new and old, visit some stellar teams, and altogether have a great experience.

Indiana Robotics Invitational

The Duluth East Daredevils are excited to announce that we will be attending the Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI) from July 17-18. This is an invite-only event consisting of the season’s top teams based on their solo rankings.

In addition to being an exclusive event, teams will play an alternate version of this season’s game, Recycle RUSH+. Instead of the usual ten recycling canisters, (three in each Autonomous Zone and two on each side in the middle or “Landfill Zone”) this version will use 16 (three in each Autonomous Zone, and four in the Landfill Zone). This will allow alliances to increase the value of their tote stacks, and thus end each match with a higher total.

After planning to someday apply for the event over the past few summers, we finally did and were accepted! We are excited to be attending for the first time and maybe more in the future.

While we will be attending the event, our fundraising is still going on! Make sure to visit Chipotle by the Duluth Miller Hill Mall between 4:00 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. and mention our “one for the team” fundraiser so that 50% of your total bill will support both the Team and the trip. Just click for more information.