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Gitchi Gummi Get Together Live Stream!

Click the image below for the live broadcast of the Gitchi Gummi Get Together!

July LEGO camp

The LEGO camp for the month of July has begun!  The kids will once again be working hard at designing and building robots that can complete our tracks.  Something that is newly established this year is the ability of the students to create their own tasks for the robots to accomplish after they’ve completed a run of the tracks.  There truly is no end to the creativity of a young child, and when you put LEGO in their hands, the possibilities are limitless. We also gave tours of our fabrication area, and showed off some of our robots, old and new.


Remembering Russ

Today we are mourning the loss of our good friend and mentor – Russ Myers who passed away on July 1st after a courageous battle with cancer.  Russ was a build mentor for the Daredevils from the early years of the team throughout our 2017 season.  His patience with the students and willingness to share his vast knowledge of machining and building will be sorely missed.  Russ believed in the Daredevils and always strived to see the team succeed.  This year Russ was the recipient of the Woody Flowers Award, which is given to a mentor who inspires students to communicate and work as a team.  Russ was an inspiration to every student and mentor as well as a great friend to everyone who has had the opportunity to work with him.

Additional information will be forthcoming.

Rhubarb Festival 2017

On Saturday, June 24, the Daredevils went to the annual Rhubarb Festival. There, we showed off two of our robots, Acervus (2015) and Albion (2016). With a donation of $2, anyone was able to drive Acervus. All proceeds went to CHUM. Throughout the day, we had lots of visitors curious and awed at what these robots could do. Albion played catch with the kids, and Ace stacked as if still in competition.

Lego Robotics Camp Day One

Yesterday we had our first day of our Lego robotics camp. Everyone worked on building and programming their robot. All the campers worked on trying to have their robot follow a line. Only one team got it to work, but everyone is working hard