Daredevils Honored by Al Franken’s Visit

Today, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Senator Al Franken visited us at Archer Racing to see our team, robots, and where our fabrication team works. We showed him the exciting progress on our new robot, followed by our team Co-Captain, Anna, demonstrating our award-winning robot, Arcana. We were also honored to have the opportunity to ask Al Franken questions and have a group photo with him.  Senator Franken pointed out to the press that robotics has grown to the point where there are more robotics teams than varsity boys’ hockey teams in the state of MN. Senator Franken expressed that teams like the Daredevils prepare students for their careers in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) concepts as well as other closely related fields that students are introduced to as a part of FIRST Robotics. We are honored that Senator Franken took the time to  visit our team here in Duluth, MN, and come out to Archer Racing.

IMG_1916 IMG_2075 IMG_2118

One Response to Daredevils Honored by Al Franken’s Visit

  1. Rondi Watson says:

    “…more robotics teams than varsity boys’ hockey teams in the state of MN,” who knew?! Great work in continuing to extend your reach and your messsage, go Daredevils. Those are also some good pics, esp. the center photo of Sen. Franken. Who gets the photo credit?

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